Crossword for Geeks

   Geeks of level 10 and up will own this crossword, and maybe won’t even have to seek out Google’s help. Geeks of a lesser level will (probably) need Google. Non-geeks don’t stand a chance – maybe even with Google! Enjoy.

1)   Chief of Security aboard Deep Space Nine. | The last Duke of Köln.
3)   King Arthur’s foster-brother, and his Seneschal. | First name of Captain Future (his real name).
5)   This Great Old One reigns over his Formless Spawns.
6)   Director of 1990’s Misery.
7)   Sure enough, Will Robinson was tired of hearing this word.
8)   The true name of Mr. Wednesday, in American Gods.
9)   In the books of Anne Rice, this spirit spawned all the vampires in the world.
10) Author of Dracula.
12) Arch-enemy of G-Force. | In the TV series Fringe, only member of the team to hail from the other world.

1)   In the Hyborian world of Conan, a realm located south of Ophir and north of Shem. | Evil realm of the Flanaess.
3)   This member of the Watchmen killed the Comedian.
4)   Sumerian god of rain and the sky.
5)   French comic book hero, Son of the Dark Age (or Son of the Fierce Age). | Renegade Ethical in the Riverworld series.
6)   The names of the Kings of Númenor always began with those two letters.
7)   This troll fought against Beowulf.
8)   Nightmarish killer haunting Elm Street.
9)   Yui’s little sister in the manga K-ON!
10) Tower at the center of Isengard. | Land of the Halflings in the Old World.
12) Luke’s family name in the first draft of Star Wars: A New Hope.

   Let’s wait a while before posting the answers, and give some level 5 geeks a fighting chance…

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