Behold !

   When everyone I know abandoned AD&D back in ’86, one of my friends shunned “the switch” to Warhammer, and quit playing tabletop games altogether. One month ago, I told him I was going to run first edition AD&D again, and he decided to come back to play for the first time in almost 30 years. In fact, his very first comment was: “Beholders, man! Scariest monsters ever! How do they reproduce, I wonder?”

   Here’s how.

    Speaking of beholders and their mysteries, there is something that always bugged me about Fritz Leiber’s Ningauble. This dude is a beholder in disguise, right? Same way the Fungi from Yuggoth often dress up and try to mingle with humans, there is one beholder who tried to look like some sort of silly “alien wizard”, and interact with Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Quite clever, moving those ample sleeves with the three remaining eyestalks...

   Here’s the proof:

   Come on, Ningauble, cut the crap! Did you really think that by putting the words “Seven Eyes” in your name instead of “Ten Eyes”, it would throw us off?

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