I have this idea of creating a real-life color picture of the Kuo-Toa goddess, using Sabrina Maree as a model; it has never been done before, because that result would of course show up whenever you google Blibdoolpoolp, and it doesn’t. I’ve seen nice homemade minis, but never a real image... All you really need are Hi Def pictures of lobsters and a signed letter from your good pal Holly Randall, authorizing you to use one of the amazing shots she took of Sabrina Maree (and I guess you’d need her green light too). Then it’s just Photoshop for a week – I’m not that good with Photoshop but not that bad either – and here comes the real Blibdoolpoolp!

   Oh, I forgot: you’d also need some sort of written permission from WotC, because the goddess of the Kuo-Toa is “Product Identity” and I don’t know what that is, but you shouldn’t mess with it.

   Wizards of the Coast lawyers are lawful good lawyers but porn industry lawyers are probably lawful evil lawyers, so that is where I have most of my doubts...

   And what about a Blibdoolpoolp RealDoll? Let Your Freak Flag Fly, right? But do you have to pay a fee to “use” the goddess?

   I really should go to law school.

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