Hommlet: New Developments

   Village of Hommlet. CY 599, developers moved in and bought most of the land, building luxury mansions and two hotels. Then the Temple of Elemental Evil merged with a larger evil corporation, and after a few short years these new guys decided to outsource all the “eviling” in and around the Temple to India.

   Evil Hindu goddess Kali dispatched a whole lot of her eight armed minions to the Temple and the moathouse, but she didn’t want to go herself and manage operations; she subcontracted that gig to the Chinese demigod Chih-Chiang Fyu-Ya.

    In hindsight, this move wasn’t smart, because many disgruntled Caucasian adventurers went away and never returned to Hommlet, seeking “whiter” dungeons south of the Kron Hills.


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