Shocking Grasp

   At one point in January, it was colder here than on the Forbidden Plateau of Antarctica. That polar vortex rolled a crit and I found myself at death’s door: -9 Hit Points! There is no way to express how much I hate freezing. Cold on my neck and shoulders especially – sometimes I even have nightmares about it (not unlike HPL).
   So I just browsed and drank hot tea. Nothing else.
   I first discovered Greyhawk Online, and then Greyhawk Grognard, and then a bunch of links catapulted me towards numerous other blogs and – literally – a week of reading round-the-clock Sword+1 / The Retired Adventurer / Hack & Slash / Roles, Rules & Rolls / Grognardia / Hamsterish Hoard... and many more.
   Bless you all, guys!
   Not only did it help me through that damn deep freeze, but it also came as some sort of revelation. Role-playing games were still alive and well, after all. Lots of people were still passionate about them, playing them, enjoying them, even writing about them. So, it was not just me and my friends putting together one meagre three-hour game session every five months or so, and not remembering a single thing about it five months later. We were not the only few survivors slowly dying out in our forgotten hole!
   That was a wonderful and amazing realization.
   I made the decision to partake in this exhilarating online scene, and write a blog of my own, even though I’m as good with computers as Boromir is with Tamagotchis. My previous blog is about Steven Erikson, but it is quite ugly, visually speaking. Let’s try to do just a tiny bit better this time around, shall we? But don’t expect me to successfully slap a money-making ad here, or even create functioning downloads or links. As for those “donate” gizmos, they’re sci-fi to me, and I honestly can’t understand how money from online could ever reach some dude in meatspace. If you’d like to give me five bucks, just go out and give it to the Korean guy at your local drugstore; eventually, it’ll get to me. It’s called the Economy. (Goldman Sachs, I hope you’re not lying about that.)

   Of course, I’m probably gonna run out of (interesting) stuff to say in a short while, but let’s do it regardless – this thing happens to be the only RPG project that truly motivates me in at least four years!

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