Second post, and the visuals are still byakhee poop forgotten on a steel plaque under a halogen lamp in Florida for a week. Blogger is quite a formidable foe, but I vow to keep coming at it until this looks at least half decent.

   In early March there was still no sign of winter subsiding. Some very simple tweets helped me through those next few weeks. Brianna is a gamer living in Tennessee, and she just says the funniest things. Like she wants to play a bard sometime, to sit down at the table with a ukulele. Or she and a few friends dress up as pirates and go out on a Pirate Pub Crawl – and she even posts a map of their (intended) route!

   It got me thinking: why is it that I’m no longer enjoying myself like that? When I do something silly, I feel like I’m just being stupid; but when I see someone else doing something silly, I think it’s the greatest damn thing in the world...

   My friends and I could dress up as Tom Tew and Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny and go on our own Pirate Pub Crawl, and I’d probably secretly think: “Seriously... pirates?”, but since someone else is doing it, I’m really thinking: “Pirates! Wow!”

   The goofy stuff I do isn’t inspiring. The goofy stuff other people do is inspiring. What’s up with that? Is it the psychological scars of the most brutal fucking winter I’ve ever seen?

   This post is not really RPG-related, I know.

   With this new blog I’m gonna try and do something both silly and RPG-related, with some serious stuff – and hope to enjoy myself while writing it! Indeed, a tall order.

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